Thursday, December 11, 2008



Scientific Magazine's Shocking Cover Mistake

The magazine wanted to do a focus on China, and wanted a nice "neutral" and "non-offensive" Chinese calligraphy of a poem as its cover. Unwittingly, the calligraphy chosen was a sex-ad in Chinese.
SMH: One of Europe's most prestigious scientific research institutes has had to issue an apology after discovering that the calligraphy used on the cover of its flagship publication to illustrate a special China edition was in fact an ad for a Hong Kong strip joint.
The institute hastily replaced the cover - which advertises "hot, young housewives" - from the online and English edition of the publication, Max Planck Research, but not before the German language version of the periodical had been dispatched to subscribers.
The calligraphy, which was vetted by a sinologist before publication, was believed to have "depicted classical Chinese characters in a non-controversial context".
Instead, the text was identified by many Chinese internet users as similar to wall posters found in the red light district of Mongkok in Hong Kong which spruik strip clubs and brothels.
The exact translation is open to interpretation.
According to the general translation, the text begins:
"We spend a lot of money to have [girls] to be in house during daytime.
"Our mama sans, Ga Mei and KK, present you with young and beautiful girls. Stylish and good mannered beauties from the North [of China]. Sexy and hot, young housewives. Flirty and enchanting, available today."
A Taiwanese reader on the University of Pennsylvania's Language Log blog provided a more formal translation:
"With high salary, we have sincerely employed [lots of strippers/girls] to stay in our daytime show.
"Jiamei as the director, she will personally lead young girls who are as pretty as jade.
"[We have] beauties from the north who appear in all their glory with thousands of deportments.
"[We have] young housewives who have hot body that will stir up your [sexual] fire.
"They are sexy, horny and enchanting. The performance will begin in few days!"

In its apology, the institute - which is named after the German physicist credited as the founder of quantum theory - said the Chinese text "had been chosen by our editorial office in order to symbolically illustrate the magazine's focus on China".
"Unfortunately, it has now transpired that this text contains inappropriate content of a suggestive nature," the apology states.
"To our sincere regret, however, it has now emerged that the text contains deeper levels of meaning, which are not immediately accessible to a non-native speaker."
The replacement calligraphy on the cover refers to a book written by the 16th century Swiss Jesuit, Johannes Schreck, titled Illustrated Explanations of Strange Devices.
p/s: left was mistake, right is the new cover
Kak Jayn: hahaha..some may think that their subscription sales was in a slump recently, this mistake should end up making them quite a bundle.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Quality Hotel KL

Kak jayn


Menu The Loaf

Suasana di ruang legar The Pavilion, KL

Kadang2 manusia ini ganjil. Apa juga yang kita usahakan akan dipertikai. Mereka2 ini lebih suka kalau kita menjadi papa kedana. Janganlah pelihara sifat dengki dan prasangka. Kalau mahu berusahalah sendiri. Bagi saya Allah lebih mengetahui. Kita sebagai manusia janganlah terlalu suka menilai orang nanti terkena diri sendiri, anak sendiri atau siapa2 yang berkaitan dengan diri sendiri - apa nak kata pula???

Tapi itulah resam manusia.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Fakta Menarik
1. Jika mata anda mengikuti bintik merah jambu yang sedang bergerak itu, anda akan melihat semua bintik hanya dalam satu warna iaitu warna merah jambu. Tetapi sekiranya anda merenung ke arah simbol "+", bintik yang berputar akan bertukar menjadi warna hijau.

2. Sekarang anda perlu merenung tepat dan tajam ke arah simbol "+" itu, anda akan menyedari bintik merah jambu akan hilang secara berperingkat dan yang hanya tinggal adalah bulatan hijau yang bergerak.

Beginilah hebatnya minda kita bekerja.
Yang sebenarnya, bintik hijau tidak pernah wujud dan bintik merah jambu tidak pernah hilang.
Catatan : Ini bukti jelas bahawa kita tidak selalu melihat apa yang kita fikir kita sedang lihat. Penglihatan kita sendiri boleh menipu kita.

"Dan Allah mengeluarkan kamu dari perut ibu kami dengan keadaan tidak mengetahui sesuatupun dan Ia mengurniakan kepada kamu pendengaran dan penglihatan serta hati (akal fikiran) supaya kamu bersyukur."
(Surah An-Nahl ayat 78)

Sunday, December 7, 2008


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Saturday, December 6, 2008


Puan Noor Azlin Dato'Haji Kamaruzaman & Encik Mohd Asri Rafeal
Olynn Founder

Terbaca dlm satu forum :

Below are the 26th of the banned skincare/cosmetics by health ministry...

1.Dr Seagar SkinRecon

2.Ain's Beauty Care Natural Lightening Cream

3.Felisa GP Lotion

4.Sri Mutiara Krim Kecantikan Malam

5.Dewajah Night Cream

6.Ains Beauty Care Clear II Cream

7.Ains Beauty Care Face Lotion 1

8.Ains Beauty Care Face Lotion 2

9.Rihanna Beauty Cream

10.Sub Whitening Revitalizing Cream

11.Sub Instant White Cream

12.Herbarites Skin Whitening(Sensitive Skin)

13.Deep Skin White Plus

14.Atika Beauty Skin Lightening Cream

15.Crystal White Extra Night Cream

16.Crystal White Night Cream

17.Golden Deer White Complex Cream

18.Cellnique Skin Whitening Plus II

19.Cellnique Skin Whitening Essence I

20.Sendayu Tinggi Body & Skincare Cool & Lightening Soap

21.Kzanah White Pembersih Wajah

22.Gloskin Krim Malam & Siang23.Reena's Astringen Lanjutan

24.Skin Desires Deep Whitening Cleansing Milk

25.Eetye Whitening Cream

26.O'Lynn Lynn's H2O Series Skin Lightening Cream

Sunday, November 30, 2008



Here are a few exercises that will help you look great and beautiful. If you follow these exercises religiously, you will have a young and dazzling look without having to go for face-lift or surgery. This exercise should be done 10 times daily to the count of 6 at a time.

Exercise 1: Join fingers together using your thumbs folded in and place them near your temples where you scalp meets your head. Push straight up and hold, then raise your eyebrows. Hold for 6 counts and release.
Benefits of this face exercise removes the lines above the brow. It strengten the muscles of the forehead and the muscles at the back of your head.

Exercise 2: Place the middle fingertip of each hand to the centre of each eyebrow. Pull eyebrows apart and outwards, at the same time try to frown. Hold for 6 counts.
The next step is totally the opposite exercise. Place the middle fingertip of each hand to the centre of each eyebrow; push brows together and inward, at the same time raise eyebrows and hold for 6 counts.
Benefits of this face exercise helps remove the mark on your forehead and the area between the eyebrows. It targest the muscles right above the brow area.


Exercise 1: Place the three centre fingers of each hand underneath the eye, pull down, and try to close your eyes. Hold for 6 counts and release.
This exercise eliminates puffiness as it targest the muscles under the eyes.

Exercise 2: Place the ring and middle fingers of each hand at the outer corners of eyes. Pull the corner of the eyes toward the hairline and hold. At the same time, squeeze eyes shut and hold for 6 counts and release.
This exercise helps remove wrinkles around the eyes.


Exercise 1: Take 3 centre fingers, place them on the apples of the cheeks and push down. At the same time, raise your cheeks as hard as you can by smiling. This movement is to strenghten the muscles of the cheeks.

Exercise 2: Put your thumb in your mouth right in the centre of the cheek and push to the maximum. At the same time, bring the cheek back towards the teeth against your thumb. Hold for 6 counts and repeat on the other side. This movement will fil out the cheek hollows, firm and lift the face.


Exercise 1: Pull down on the either side of your lower lips using you middle finger (exposing your teeth). At the same time try to move your lips against the pressure. This movement is tone the muscles around the lip area.

Exercise 2: Close your lips together (in kissing movement) as tight as you can for 6 counts and release outward to the maximum (smiling). Repeat 6 times. This exercise make your lips fuller and helps blood circulation around the area.

Exercise 1: Using your three centre fingers, pull your chin down and at the same time curl the lower lip over the bottom teeth. This is to tone the muscles of the chin.


Exercise 1: Open your mouth widely at the same time pull your chin up until you feel the tightness area your neck. This movement helps eliminates 'double-chin' and strenghten your neck muscles.


I came across this 6-Day Diet from the internet while browsing for a meal recipe. Copied them manually in my recipe book, and i found this so good for body detoxification. The taste is quite delicious - bolehlah nak telan.

Dice 7 carrots and 1 small bunch of celery into small pieces
Place in 2 quarts of water & boil for 15 minutes
Add one-third bunch of fresh parsley & a large handful of fresh spinach
Flavour them with tomatoes, green pepper or garlic (i prefer garlic)
Boil again for another 10 minutes
Drain off the broth, retaining the fluid
Flavour with salt and fried onion (optional)
This recipe makes about a day's supply and can be taken hot or cold. It is loaded with minerals.

15 minutes before breakfast, drink a medium glass of lemon jice + hot water (i personally can't take hot water, so i just take cold)
Drink fresh fruit (orange or grape recommended), 5 tablespoon of cottage cheese (i replace them with yoghurt), one kind of fresh fruit (no bananas or avocado)
Between breakfast and lunch, drink all the vegetable broth and whenever you are feeling hungry, keep on drinking the vegetable broth. You may also eat fruit / salad but pls take one kind of fruit only.

1 type of fresh fruit + sedikit honey
Drink 2 cups of the vegetable broth
Make a salad using 4 from the following list: asparagus, beans, beets, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, celery, green peppers,lettuce, onions, pumpkin, spinach, squash, tomatoes.
Between lunch and dinner drink all the vegetable broth & fresh fruit whenever you feel hungry

One type of fresh fruit
2 cups of vegetable broth
2 or 3 kinds of vegetables listed and steam-cook them with a little butter (i personally like this the best)
Medium slice of whole-wheat bread with butter
Still rasa lapar? Drink the vegetable broth and fruits as much as you want
You can lose 2-3 kg of your weight by doing this, but ingat, this is not for slimming purpose...this is more for detoxification. When you detoxify, whatever supplement you take can be absorbed to the maximum and you will feel healthier.